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11 juillet 2011 1 11 /07 /juillet /2011 18:28

'We fed it some bits of sausage roll' — ferret fills up at Dundee petrol station


An unusual customer popped in to visit staff at the Scott Fyfe filling station on Dundee's Arbroath Road.

A young female ferret was found scurrying about on the forecourt early on Thursday. The friendly animal was kept in the filling station toilet until SSPCA staff from Petterden were alerted and arrived to take it back to the centre.

Shop assistant Ajith Ravula said he came on duty at 7am and was told by a colleague there was a furry little animal in the toilet.

He said, "My colleague saw it outside and put a plastic bin over it before they picked it up and carried it in to the shop. They just put it into the toilet to keep it safe and called the SSPCA.

"We fed it some bits of sausage roll and some milk and it ate it well — it's a very friendly little thing."

He added, "It's the first time we have had anything like this in the garage before. We get some strange customers, but never an animal before."

SSPCA ambulance driver Sharon McKenzie said it was not unusual to receive calls about ferrets on the loose.

"She looks very healthy and well fed, so it's probably a pet escaped from somewhere. We'll take her back to the centre at Petterden and if someone hasn't claimed her within seven days we'll rehome her."

As she was found in the garage, Sharon said that the ferret will be dubbed Shelley.

Last year the Petterden centre reported an influx of ferrets around late summer. Staff said the polecat's domesticated relative has a reputation which would put some people off but, in fact, they are excellent pets.

If anyone recognises Shelley they can call the SSPCA on 03000 999 999.




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dalma-dog 15/07/2011 11:18

Salut mon amie virginie, bandit est arrivé, il est toujours ausi joueur!!!!!!!!, cela fait déjà un an que baron
nous a quitté !!!!!!C’était un chien génial !!!!!je te souhaite une bonne journée, bise a+


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